About Us

Photo of HCAC building.

The Hardeman County Arts Center opened in grand style on January 15, 2005. The building was completed in November, 2004. The 7,800 square foot building houses a beautiful lobby/art gallery, ticket office, restrooms, an auditorium that seats 240 people very comfortably, a huge stage, four dressing rooms and bathrooms for the actors. The upstairs area houses an office, large conference room area/classroom and the lighting and sound control.


The HCAC will provide artistic forums in a wide range of venues to educate, entertain and enrich the community. In so doing, amateur artists will be facilitated to develop their artistic talents to levels that satisfy their own artistic objectives and goals, as well as benefiting the public.


The HCAC seeks to provide the best in artistry, entertainment and culture. We hope to inform, enchant and inspire the community through the presentation of local groups, individual artists and major art organizations that will nurture and promote the arts.


Brandon Burvee, President

Anthony Pulse, Vice President

Kathy Ross, Secretary

Wendy Siler, Treasurer

Jeff Shackelford, Parliamentarian


Brandon Burvee, Monita Carlin, Ginger Crowe, Denise Estes, Anthony Pulse, Kathy Ross, Jeff Shackelford, Wendy Siler, Jennifer Smeltser, Leanne Young-Willis