The Helen Stahl Memorial Art Gallery

The lobby of the Hardeman County Arts Council (HCAC) is now "The Helen Stahl Memorial Art Gallery". Helen Stahl played a significant role in the early years of the development of the HCAC Arts Center. This designation creates a new destination for the public to see visual works of art by local artists. All are invited to see the art exhibits, learn more about the HCAC and how you may become involved in promoting arts in Hardeman County.


Helen Stahl was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Helen was a well-known artist in the Mid-South area. Her career included commercial art, consulting to advertising agencies, and teaching art at Treadwell High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Helen was a member of various professional watercolor societies, featured in several publications, and received numerous national, regional and local awards.

After retirement, Helen moved to Hornsby, Tennessee, where she built a house and lake, and remained there for the rest of her life. Helen was a supporter of the HCAC from its beginning. She spent many hours helping with art exhibits, painting and constructing sets for HCAC productions and judging art and photography events. Helen even purchased the chandelier that is the centerpiece of the HCAC lobby.

Helen’s talent as a watercolor artist was her “starring attraction” during her lifetime but was by no means the only art she loved to create. She created much of her art on wood, metal and fiberglass sheets, which she cut out and painted. From whimsical cartoon figures to an actual covered bridge across a stream on her farm, there was no limit to her talent. Helen Stahl’s influence and inspiration has helped many local artists to hone their talents and become more accomplished artists. Helen is missed as a great sister, friend and artist by her family, friends, former students and community.

All pieces in this exhibit are not for sale.



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